Friday, 1 March 2013

Cool business ideas on - Starting a Cake Business

With the economic downturn in UK and subsequent freeze in salaries, many people are starting part-time businesses as a way to make more money. Cake business is very popular because anyone can start a cake business. The start-up cost is low and you can bake your cake in your kitchen at home.

Before you start, contact your local council as most UK councils will require that you register your kitchen. The good news is that registration of your kitchen is usually free and the council is obliged to accept your application. You will also need to take a course in food hygiene which can be done over the internet at your own pace. These course cost around £18 and is reasonably easy. It is also advisable to get the relevant public liability insurance.

Decide on a few good tasty recipes which you can test out on friends and family members. Do consider taking cake baking and/or decorating courses to improve the quality of your cakes.Work out how much it will cost to make the cakes (including cost of ingredients, utilities etc) and how much you can realistically charge for them. Try selling your cakes in car boot sales, local fairs or your local farmers markets initially to confirm that people will buy your cakes. Always keep a record of your suppliers as well as your purchase and sales receipts to enable you determine the tax payable to the government.

Once you are ready to start the cake business formally, you can register for a store on is a new online market where you can bid for party services and products. You can place wanted ads, sell your products and services from an online store or exchange party related products for a small fee.Coolpartymarketoffersthe public a quick, fun, and cost effective way to find the right service provider and product for their party at the best price.

On coolpartymarket, our aim is to attract and assistsmall businesses within the party industry in reaching their audience using the web and social media.We are also looking for service providerswho run their own business on a part-time basis or as second job. Some of the reasons for a “seller” to choose Coolpartymarket are:
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Coolpartymarket is offering one FREE online store only to anyone that registers and becomes a verified seller by 31 July 2013.* To setup your free online store, please see:

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